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Publisher’s Note

We extend our warmest gratitude and thanks to our readers, advertisers and well-wishers, as we celebrate our first Christmas and Year End/New Year season as a Media organ in Durham.

The Millionaire Mindset magazine is setting out to write the future for our Region, in engagement with the visionary leaders who care about building our towns and cities and communities into the best we could be.

We’re bridging that gap, for a professional media entity in Durham.

With warmest regards for a Merry Christmas, a joyous New Year, and a stunningly successful 2019, we celebrate the ideals of the Christian faith that shaped and designed Canada into the most conscientious nation on the face of the earth today. As we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, we extend His love, compassion, humanity, care for the marginalized, downtrodden and afflicted, through our stories and pages, to you.

Canada is home to people from all across this earth, from every country in the world. And people flock here, desire to become Canadian, and seek our land, because of the blessed peace of our nation. We cannot ever forget that the Christian faith supplied the foundation value system for generations, in the building of this blessed society, today a lighthouse beacon of hope, justice and peace to Mankind.

We pledge to strive to mirror the soul of Canada in this publication, to stand for good conscience always, to champion social justice, and to defend the poor, powerless and marginalized peoples of our communities and the world.

Our name, Millionaire Mindset, seeks to populate the value of an abundant mindset, to influence Durham’s leaders and our readers to think, envision and plan with that one thought – that we’re about abundance. Our mindset is one of abundance. So it’s not at all that we stand for the rich against the poor. Rather, we stand for a mindset of abundance, because one’s mindset, we believe, is crucial to overcoming the challenges of this world.

We publish stories of influence, showcasing the leaders, movers and shakers, who make our society what it is, who influence our wellbeing. But our heart and soul is for every person to rise to the Canadian lifestyle that they dream of, for immigrants to find that aspiration that drew them to this amazing nation. And we will always stand up for born and bred Canadians to live the best life possible in our nation.

As we celebrate Christmas and a New Year, we join hands with every Canadian everywhere, with a heart of gratitude, to use our blessings for the good of all Mankind. Cheers to a blessed, peaceful and fruitful 2019 – to you and yours!

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