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Writing Our Future

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Shaun Michael Samaroo


We’re writing the future for Durham Region.

We know that people create their future. The future doesn’t just happen. Human beings envision, plan, and execute deliberate policies, programs and projects to generate the kind of future that we dream of, the future that works for us all.

Our role in Durham Region through the platform of this magazine, your Millionaire Mindset, plants us on fertile ground to cultivate a fruitful future for the towns and cities and communities of the Region. We take on this role with serious responsibility. We play, through the stories we write, through the aesthetic design of pictures and words and graphics, through this magazine, we tackle this game of building our future.

It’s exciting play!

Since our first edition in September, 2018, we’ve enjoyed a wonderful dance with the cities and towns and communities, as we reach out to business and political and organization leaders. Leaders of all persuasion, stripes and class welcome us and celebrate with us the launch of this publication.

Our stories of influence, our features of exceptional people and admirable souls who make Durham Region thrive see us find a ready platform in the marketplace of ideas that shape our social space.

We’re grateful, thankful, humbled that we’ve found a footing so fast in the public arena.

People like MD Tarek Rana, Frank Auddino, Oshawa’s Mayor Dan Carter, Ajax’s Councillor Ashmeed Khan, John Mutton, Pramilla Ramdahani, Garth Johns, Rick Kerr, Mayor Shaun Collier, Sara Lear, and scores of others, those who champion our publication, sharing our stories online, and spreading the word of what we’re setting out to accomplish – we thank you.

So the Millionaire Mindset magazine is fast becoming part of the leadership platform in Durham Region. And we’re taking on the role with serious thought and consideration.

Our goal is to tell stories of influence, of people making a difference, in an engaging, aesthetically pleasing way, and thus to contribute to cultivating the future.

So we will be commenting, advocating, contributing to the leadership of the Region, and we aim to make an impact in the eight towns and cities that form the Region. We believe Durham is on the verge of a massive takeoff, especially with the innovation sector finally coming into its own – albeit needing serious leaders of vision.

With astounding development projects starting up in Pickering, Whitby, Oshawa, Clarington and Ajax, generating thousands and thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in investments, the Region stands well-poised for a great leap ahead into a 21st century global hub.

Yes, we’ve got challenges.

In staring at the retreating back of General Motors shutting its automobile manufacturing plant in Oshawa, vacating their three million square feet building of prime commercial space, with the loss of corporate taxes and two thousand secured well-paying jobs and an obvious negative socioeconomic ripple effect, we cannot afford to despair. Rather, we look at our history, and find inspiration in how Oshawa became the largest city in the region.

Back over a century ago, Oshawa was a rural farming community, until one man showed us what a visionary soul could achieve. Robert McLaughlin started a taxi service on mud roads, with horse drawn carts. When Henry Ford started up the Ford car company in the US, McLaughlin launched his own automobile manufacturing plant in Oshawa. Visionary, courageous, trail-blazing, he set up Oshawa to be a great success story. Soon, he sold his car plant to General Motors, and Oshawa accelerated into big city status.

We face just such a momentous time today. And the answer we’re looking for is simple: who is our modern day Robert McLaughlin? Who would stand up as a visionary soul to reinvent, rebrand and remake Oshawa, transforming it from a backwaters manufacturing city, into a Knowledge Society that plugs into the 21st century futuristic global Knowledge Economy?

Were we to find that visionary soul, Oshawa could again leap ahead as the premiere city in the Region, to showcase how a 21st century city could find its way in this new world.

Toronto is well on its way to be a top global 21st century Knowledge Society, with Google’s smart city already underway there – along with Amazon’s headquarters. Toronto also applied to UNESCO at the United Nations for several designations under the Creative Cities Network, including City of Literature. Also, Quebec City last year became a designated City of Literature under the Creative Cities Network. So both Quebec City and Toronto are fast developing as Knowledge Societies.

No city in Durham Region is yet on track to even see the possibility in such a vision.

Yet, an exciting foundation exists in Oshawa, with its three Universities, four Private Career Colleges, research hospital, and its Teaching City designation. Projects like the AI hub at Durham College, along with cutting edge world class innovation research at UOIT all work together to point the way for what’s possible for Durham.

When we consider Markham’s stunning development, and Mississauga’s and Brampton’s, along with Toronto and Quebec City and Vancouver, we must re-engage ourselves to the task of visionary leadership, to create the kind of future that we know is possible. We’ve got to stop thinking so small.

Thankfully, in leaders like Mayor Dan Carter, we could see Oshawa open its vision to these new possibilities, believing that we could do it.

We lag way behind Toronto, York and other regions in innovation and start-ups, with Angel investors and leaders seeming to lack what it takes to be world class. We hope efforts now underway to build a regional innovation hub at the old 65,000 square foot Post Office building in downtown Oshawa would launch us into new orbit. However, the leadership within the innovation space lacks teeth, aggressive visionary leadership, and may even suffer from nepotism. We’ve got to smarten up. We do not want that innovation hub, as happened with Spark Center, to end up being mediocre, inefficient and ineffective.

People who occupy public office in these innovation organizations in the Region tout fat numbers to boast of their “success”. Yet, Durham region is yet to produce even one global success story as a startup. That must change in 2019.

Old ways of the Establishment employing nepotism to get and secure retirement with Government funds, that doesn’t work anymore. It’s a new world. We’re seeing serious trends shaping the future, as the world democratizes with communications technology:

  • Individual empowerment is accelerating
  • Personal story and personal branding, as we see with the online Influencer industry, is a new economic pillar
  • Life knowledge, personal smarts, talents and personal Intellectual Property, this is today’s greatest asset base. Human Capital is what the world is all about today

All this happens within:

  • A globalizing economic system
  • Multimedia convergence and the power of the smartphone in the hands of any person
  • Subscription model of revenue generation

In Durham, we need to factor these trends into plans, projects and programs that design and cultivate the future.

With the Millionaire Mindset magazine pushing for the mindset of abundance to become the primary paradigm driving our leaders, we’re setting out to play our role in 2019 with one singular purpose: to write the future of Durham Region, Ontario, Canada and the world.

As Canadians, we’re blessed with the tools to make such an impact, and we’ll be engaging with the leaders who show character, leadership, vision and wisdom, to choreograph this performance of launching us into a global Knowledge Society.

Let’s rock, Durham!

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