Mutton Battles High Taxes

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My campaign is to reduce taxes, to make Durham affordable and safe again. I can deliver on this because I’ve done it before

Bulky, muscular, with a body-builder’s walk, John Mutton ambles into a room with the confidence of a man who knows what he wants, and how to achieve his goals. He served as Mayor of Clarington 12 years ago, took a long break from political life, and operated his business, Municipal Solutions, as a successful entrepreneur.

Durham politician John Mutton
Durham politician John Mutton

Now he’s back. And he is eyeing the Chairmanship of Durham Region.

Mutton knows everybody. He’s got a rolodex that would be the envy of any business or political leader. He networks across the divides, embracing close friends from all spectrum of the political divide.

Mutton brings a perfect set of leadership skills to the job of Regional Chairman: he’s a successful entrepreneur; a successful politician having served as Mayor of a city where he claims to be the only Mayor who ever reduced taxes for residents; and he’s a martial arts world champion.

An Economist, Mutton approaches life with a quiet humility, and engages people in easy conversation. Not charismatic, he yet wins hearts with ease, knowing how to form authentic connections. He got together an army of volunteers for his campaign, and the Oshawa campaign office is a buzz of activity as the elections race heats up.

Born and raised in Bowmanville, the 52 year old community leader is father to two children, with his daughter a world champion in Brazilian jujitsu, while her Brazilian-born husband is also the Brazilian champion in the sport, and a trainer for top world UFC fighters.

Mutton’s stance is that of a fighter with integrity and discipline and fair play. And he is campaigning on the promise to reduce taxes for residents. “My campaign is to reduce taxes, to make Durham affordable and safe again. I can deliver on this because I’ve done it before,” he told the Millionaire Mindset magazine.

He’s also got several big projects in mind for Durham Region, including “to attract a new nuclear plant at Darlington. Also, we want to work with grassroots organizations to deal with and solve problems of housing and homelessness, and to bring into operation a Durham Innovation Hub,” he said.

Mutton exudes the confidence of a quiet warrior, who knows how to win. With his wide-ranging vision for Durham Region, and an almost encyclopedic knowledge of the history and current affairs of the Region, including for agriculture processing, he promises to be a dynamic, action-oriented Chairman.

John Mutton in battle in Los Langeles USA
John Mutton in battle in Los Langeles USA

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