Simple Multimedia Smartbook (sms) Technology


by Shaun Michael Samaroo

Qualped Corp cares about you and your role in the 21st century Knowledge Age.

When Doug Englebart wrote his famous thesis about the future of computing, his main foresight sought to enhance the intelligence of Mankind. Today, as we advance along the 21st century Knowledge Age, the digital world seems bent on entertaining Mankind at the expense of the critical thinking and deep reading necessary to augment our intelligence.

Hence, we innovate on the Future of the Book.

Qualped Corp’s main occupation since its founding in 2007 revolves aroundqual1 research and development of easily accessible long text documents that incorporate every facet of interactive digital technology.

We’re now rolling out our digital project, the Simple Multimedia Smartbook (sms), a product that the qualped brand is becoming synonymous with, and the reason for which we exist as a corporate entity.

“For the past five hundred years, humans have used print — the book and its various page-based cousins — to move ideas across time and space. Radio, cinema and television emerged in the last century and now, with the advent of computers, we are combining media to forge new forms of expression. For now, we use the word “book” broadly, even metaphorically, to talk about what has come before — and what might come next.” –

Several efforts around the world sought to innovate on what the book would look like in the future. Google, a UK organization calling itself the Future of the Book organization, Amazon, Microsoft, and several others jumped into the space hoping they would generate the next big thing in Man’s quest for knowledge and wisdom. Most of them just gave up because the task isn’t as easy as the digital innovation that transformed music and movies.qual4

“The Future of the Book is a design exploration of digital reading that seeks to identify new opportunities for readers, publishers, and authors to discover, consume, and connect in different formats. The team looked at how digital and analog books currently are being read, shared and collected, as well as at trends, business models and consumer behavior within related fields. We identified three distinct opportunities — new narratives, social reading with richer context, and providing tools for critical thinking — and developed a design concept around each one.

We believe that digital technology creates possibilities, so our solutions truly adapt to the new environment, rather than emulate analog qualities onscreen.” –

So intense and expensive this project to bring the book into the digital age became, that a multitude of studies now abound on what researches found. Here are some of those.

Qualped Corp spent its meager resources, with its Founder, Shaun Michael Samaroo, a Journalist, Author and Novelist, dedicating his life with tenacious determination to find a solution to the problem of Englebart’s dream – how to augment human intelligence.

After the past decade of such research and exploration, Qualped Corp developed the Simple Multimedia Smartbook (sms), a multimedia digital book that is interactive, socially shareable, engaging, multimedia with video and pictures incorporated with snappy text on page, and with a new innovation, an ecommerce button that allows for sales or subscription at the click of a button.


Our goal is that we would play a role in the transformation of how the individual person engages with, consumes, and shares knowledge, understanding and wisdom.

We welcome you on this fascinating and inspiring journey. Join us as we develop a pathway for the dream of Doug Englebart, to enhance human intelligence, to become reality in this 21st century.