Design Your Future

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by Shaun Michael Samaroo

We at Qualped Corp believe that the individual person lives today with extraordinary personal power.


We live in a world where we believe that the future just happens, that it hurtles to us and we stand no chance about what happens to us.

This, of course, we’re finding out in the 21st century to be a fantastic myth. Such a belief allows us to sink our head into passive living, even into apathy and despair, without need for us to take responsibility for our future, for how our life turns out.

Each human being, every one of us, got three assets making up our Human Capital. these are:

  • Each of us lives with a unique, individualized, personal Story. Your story, my story, nobody else ever had in history, and no one will live it in the future. our story is entirely ours, each one of us.
  • In today’s mediated global village, a social scene that Marshal McLuhan¬†predicted back in the 1980`s, each one of us now command easy media access that reaches every corner of the world. Social Media is free, user friendly, and accessible to everybody today.
  • Media`s reach allows us to inspire, engage with and share content across nations and geography, across space and time as never before. This creates a dynamic marketplace, where we could trade our smarts, our Intellectual Property, as real asset. Through networks of ecommerce, we could earn residual revenue.

This incredible global scenario that makes up the 21st century Knowledge Age allows each one of us to design our future.


No more need we sit around depending on a big corporate entity to hire us, or for Government to hand us welfare. Now we could take command of our own life, and design the future that we want, using our Intellectual Property as our Human Capital to generate marketable assets.

We`re living in inspiring, exciting times, and Qualped Corp exists to make it happen for you.

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