Become a Partnering Shareholder with Qualped Life Corp.

Qualped Life Corp. positions its enterprise solutions to be a major player, contributor, developer in the emerging global Knowledge Age.

Our goal is to build a global Network of smartbook creators, consumers and cooperators, and in the process become a Corporation with a Share Capital worth two billion dollars by 2020.

Join us on this exciting journey as we hitch up to the band wagon of Google, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft as the world’s pioneering Knowledge solution creators, developing enterprises that transform the very essence of what it means to be human. As a Partner, Shareholder, Network Member with Qualped Life Corp., you will be playing an important role in building the new world we’re seeing emerge so rapidly today.

Click on this link to engage with our 2018 Plan of Action: Qualped-2018-Plan 

We recognize that the world now exists under an Information Economy, Information Society and Information Age.

Humanity is in a rapid transition to become a global Knowledge Society, Knowledge Economy and Knowledge Age. With this conviction, Qualped Life Corp positions itself to play as a powerful player and business venture in this emerging Knowledge Economy, through scaled development of Intellectual Property (IP).

Qualped Life Corporation is a Knowledge Lifestyle Enterprise. Our goal is to play as an influential global player in the industry of lifestyle knowledge. We want to impact the minds and hearts of people.

We welcome you joining our team of shareholders at Qualped Life Corporation, as we play in the exciting Knowledge Society of this 21st century, in the amazing corporate space of the Knowledge Lifestyle Industry. That Knowledge Economy is worth US$8 Trillion globally. It’s where Qualped is positioning itself to play big, in this now global industry that is fast developing.

The Qualped Life Corporation developed three Tech enterprises,  as follows:

  • Simple Multimedia Smartbooks (sms)

 These multimedia smartbooks come designed with social media sharing buttons on every page, background sound and theme music and an interactive button link for easy e-commerce trading.

  • Qualped Headlines

 A Social Media digital portal that is a platform for anybody to headline whatever is of interest or importance online. This site also serves as a credible Headlining of real, knowledgeable and important happenings online. Admin Users simply log in to their Page, write a headline with large fonts, hyperlink the content related to the headline, add pop up picture or video, add background music if they want, and submit. It appears on the main Qualped Headline feed, the latest showing up first. Sponsored headlines touting great deals make up the immediate Business Model.

  • Qualped College for Intellectual Property Development

 The first global digital learning course that trains and develops authors who, as a Course Outcome, develop their Intellectual Property as a tradeable capital asset resource, in the form of Simple Multimedia Smartbook (sms).

 Three Enterprises Built On SMS Platform

Qualped Life Corp.’s sms technology is a convergence of all media formats into one smooth flow,  so that every media format merges into each other, functioning as one, available at the click of a button on every page, allowing for user-friendly control. This way, we transform how people read and consume information and knowledge:

  • Text
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Social media
  • E-commerce
  • Design
  • Portability

Innovative Media

  • Qualped’s sms startup transforms the experience of media consumption. We enhance the experience of reading, and hence we augment human intelligence, in merging book, video, audio, social media, e-commerce and portability into one smooth flow, with user-friendly controls.
  • Qualped Headlines headlines the world, with sms features, designed in grids.
  • Qualped College trains individuals to develop their IP, with sms as outcome.

Flow of qualped platform as a personal development tool

Individual enrolls into Qualped College, and trains to develop personal Intellectual Property (IP) into simple multimedia smartbook (sms). Upon graduation, the person creates a profile at Qualped Books, and makes available his or her sms on the Qualped Books digital domain, with links to the Qualped Store for e-commerce transactions. The IP owner then promotes the sms through Qualped Headlines, across social media platforms, globally.

Revenue generation proceeds through royalty, crowdfunding, subscription, cooperative, or any model of audience-author engagement that the author and IP owner prefers.

Qualped Corp. also earns revenue from sponsored headlines and affiliate fees, sms course fees (the training program is tiered, with free and paid models), and by sale and royalties on sms products. The long term goal is to generate a trading platform of at least one million sms products on the Qualped Books platform.

Please see this attached document: Qualped-2018-Plan and email us at