What is the Qualped Smartbook Network?

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Founded by Media Specialist, Shaun Michael Samaroo, the global Qualped Smartbook Network comprises the following:

  • Global Network of Exclusive Smartbook Author-Influencers. This is a new profession of thought-leaders
  • The Global Network is limited to 11 members per year; Influencers of the 21st century Knowledge Age
  • The Canadian firm, Qualped Life Corp., invented the exciting book application that develops any written manuscript into a brand new Intellectual Property product, the Qualped Simple Multimedia Smartbook, or Qualped SMS book application
  • This Qualped Smartbook technology provides a platform for manuscript-authors to play powerfully in the global digital marketplace, trading their Intellectual Property with a comprehensive branded knowledge strategy
  • Authors who develop their manuscript with the Qualped SMS application own a dynamic ecosystem of Intellectual Property (IP) products that develop out of their manuscript
  • Such a powerful ecosystem of IP products offers the author a dynamic platform to engage, empower, enlighten, equip and inspire their community of followers, generating significant financial returns
  • With the Qualped SMS application, books become organic, alive multimedia products, and these Simple Multimedia Smartbooks engage the world through the digital sphere with the same power, influence and entertainment as movies and music: with the Qualped SMS book application, books become multimedia smartbooks, bringing the Knowledge Age to full fruition, as all media formats benefit from the tech revolution
  • In fact, the firm is deploying the Qualped SMS book application to universities worldwide for post-grad theses to become organic, dynamic, alive IP multimedia products

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