Only 11 aspiring thought-leaders accepted per year, worldwide, to the global Qualped Simsbook Network, as membership is exclusive

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To become one of these exclusive members of the Qualped Simsbook Network, each Applicant would be interviewed by email and phone by its Founder, Shaun Michael Samaroo.

Exclusive members must possess the following qualities to be considered for membership:

  • Demonstrated passion to engage in a one-year Program of coaching, training and networking, to become a global thought-leader. Each member of the Qualped Simsbook Network serves humanity as a thought-leader
  • Commitment to daily literary reader, with a passion for literature, knowledge, and understanding
  • Dedication to the craft of professional writing, with a deep aspiration to develop into an author of an original manuscript that is focused on his/her life story, talents, experiences, life-lessons, skills-set, passion, etc.
  • Discipline to live an active, healthy lifestyle
  • Love for sound humane values of kindness, peace, goodness
  • Aspiration to develop his/her inherent Human Capital into a global personal brand with an author-manuscript designed unto the Qualped Simsbook book application global platform
  • Commitment to live his or her life for the cause of serving humanity through the development, designing and sharing of personal story on the global digital highway, with crowdfunding, cooperative funding, royalty, membership plans, subscriptions, and other such methods of the Sharing Economy as economic model
  • Discipline to show up for coaching, training and networking schedules as set out in the online calendar, and at quarterly seminars and an annual conference
  • Willingness to play a role as Brand Ambassador for the Qualped Model

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