Members become authors within the world’s only smartbook ecosystem, the Qualped Simsbook application. This platform empowers authors with a range of dynamic Intellectual Property (IP) products; brands authors as global thought-leaders of humane understanding, hearts of compassion, and humble ethical values; and positions authors to become Knowledge Entrepreneurs in the 21st century global village.

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Benefits include:

  • Range of IP products, developed from the one manuscript, at completion of Program: 

    • Qualped Simsbook book application, on Qualped Simsbooks online platform (our “netflix” for smartbooks)
    • Print book, printed on-demand
    • Soft cover book, printed on-demand
    • DVD & YouTube channel
    • E-book
    • Audio Book
    • Blog site with Social Media tools dedicated to the published book
    • If applicable, online Course site/Digital College
    • Branded products that promote the central idea of the manuscript
    • Seminar and Conference package, if applicable to the idea of the Brand
    • Speaking Tour package
    • E-commerce platform
    • Certificate of Achievement from the Canadian firm, Qualped Life Corp.
    • Lifelong networking with other Members of Qualped Simsbook Network
  • Year-long Coaching and Training and Networking program

    • Weekly video training online
    • Daily email coaching, on:
      • healthy living
      • social values
      • Life Plan, including entrepreneur development plan
      • knowledge audit (a snippet of what learned daily, that nugget of insight)
    • Monthly Whitepaper
    • Quarterly Seminar attendance
    • Annual Conference attendance
    • Daily reading and writing assignments
    • Writing 500 words a day of manuscript
    • Design Ideas explored monthly
  • Life Plan developed and implemented

    • Plan focused on Vision, Passion, Solution to society/community
    • Plan incorporates sustaining healthy lifestyle; practical living out social values; entrepreneur work; constant upgrade of knowledge, understanding and wisdom (insights)
    • Goals over short-, medium- and long-term developed
    • Aspired Results with Time-frame, which flow out of what’s Possible given the skills-set, vision, passion

This Program offers the world’s only comprehensive coaching, training and networking program that propels manuscript-authors into global thought-leaders for the 21st century.

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