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Shaun Michael Samaroo is Media Expert, specializing in newspapers; and Media Entrepreneur; Published Author; Ontological Life Coach; and Startup Founder.

In 2017, he wrote one million plus words, writing 3,500 words a day, comprising ten books. He’s releasing these books as Qualped Simsbook IP products in first quarter 2018. He’s also author of four books published in Canada between 2001 and 2004: a novel; an inspirational work, a collection of writings and musings; and a Church leadership book.

Founder of the Qualped Smartbook Network, Shaun Michael Samaroo
Founder of the Qualped Smartbook Network, Shaun Michael Samaroo

Shaun founded the Canadian tech startup, Qualped Life Corp., and dedicated years of Research and Development to invent the Qualped Simsbook smartbook application – a groundbreaking technology that transforms the book industry, generates IP innovation to universities worldwide, and elevates the average manuscript author to a new elite position as thought-leader.

With extensive study, committed determination, and a single-minded focus, Shaun developed the Qualped Simsbook Network with an eye to building the core human resource base for the vision of Qualped to touch the 21st century global village.

We live in the Knowledge Age, and Shaun is developomg a global network of thought-leaders who would focus their life vision around the immense possibilities of developing their story, passion, vision into a qualped simsbook, and integrate that ecosystem into the Qualped Simsbook Network, the Qualped Simsbook digital platform, and the Qualped Group of Companies’ solution to contribute significantly to the augmentation of human intelligence.

Shaun’s development for this task of being coach, mentor, trainer, founder is best summaried through the books he’s read over the years. Shaun has read and studied more than 500 books, bringing the insights and understanding he gained to the building of this Qualped Simsbook Network.

Here is a list of the books Shaun read and studied:

  • The Startup of You, by Reid Hoffman and Ben Casnocha
  • The Three Laws of Performance, by Steve Zaphron and Dave Logan
  • The Tipping Point & Blink, by Malcolm Gladwell
  • New Thinking for the New Millennium (design thinking), by Edward de Bono
  • The Medium is the Message & The Gutenberg Galaxy, by Marshall McLuahn
  • The Great Code & Words With Power, by Northrup Frye
  • Concilience, by E. O. Wilson
  • Vital Friends, by Tom Rath
  • Media, Communications, Culture, by James Lull
  • Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, by T Harv Eker
  • Top Performance, by Zig Ziglar
  • The Invisible Touch & You, Inc., by Harry Beckwith
  • Five Questions Every Organization Should Ask, by Peter Drucker
  • To Have or To Be, by Erich Fromm
  • How To Win Friends and Influence People, by Dale Carnegie
  • Genius & The Anatomy of Influence, by Harold Bloom
  • Wikibrands, by Moffett Dover
  • Startup Weekend, by Marc Nager, Clint Nelson and Franck Nouyrigat
  • Click Millionaires & Internet Riches, by Scott Fox
  • The Talent Code, by Daniel Coyle
  • Brand Simple, by Allen P Adamson
  • Pop! – Stand Out in Any Crowd, by Sam Horn
  • God Wants You to Be Rich, by Paul Zane Pilzer
  • The $100 Startup, by Chris Guillebeau
  • Face2Face, by David Lee King
  • Mind Set!, by John Naisbitt
  • Coercion, by Douglas Rushkoff
  • The End of Work, by Jeremy Rifkin
  • Ideation – The Birth of New Ideas, by Douglas Graham and Thomas T Backman
  • Today Matters, by John C Maxwell
  • Got What it Takes?, by Bill Boggs
  • 50 Big Ideas, by Ben Dupre
  • Made To Stick, by Chip Heath and Dan Heath
  • Lightning In A Bottle, by David Minter and Michael Reid
  • Who Owns Tomorrow?, by Richard Worzel Qualped
  • Future Wealth & Blur, by Stan Davis and Christopher Meyer
  • The Power Point, by Michael E Gerber
  • Carpe Diem, by Tony Campolo
  • The Fall of Advertising and the Rise of PR, by Al Reis and Laura Reis
  • Crazy Talk, Stupid Talk, by Neil Postman
  • Titans, by Peter C Newman
  • Free, by Chris Anderson
  • The Singularity, by Ray Kurzweil
  • SQ – Spiritual Intelligence, by Danah Zonar and Dr Ian Marshall
  • Virtually Human, by Martine Rothblath
  • MindGym, by Sebastian Bailey and Octavius Black
  • Tragedy and Hope, by Dr Caroll Quigley
  • The Five Choices, by Korg Kogon, Adam Merrill, Leena Rinne
  • Do It Anyway, by Kent M Keith
  • Conversational Intelligence, by Judith E Glaser
  • Other readings over the years (multiple books by each author):
    • Bible (read four times cover to cover)
    • D H Lawrence
    • Watchman Nee (The Spiritual Man)
    • Will Durant (Christ and Caesar)
    • James Joyce
    • Leo Tolstoy
    • Fyodor Dostoyevsky
    • Rene Girard
    • C S Lewis
    • Margaret Atwood (trilogy)
    • George Orwell
    • F Scott Fitzgerald (The Great Gatsby)
    • Shakespeare (Hamlet, Coriolanus)
    • Christopher Marlowe (Dr Faustus)
    • Geoffrey Chaucer (Canterbury Tales)
    • William Wordsworth
    • William Blake
    • Erich Fromm
    • Francis Shaeffer
    • Marcel Proust (In Search of Lost Time)
    • Francis Fukuyama
    • V S Naipaul (Enigma of Arrival)
    • Mark Twain
    • Harper Lee
    • Samuel P Huntington (Clash of Civilizations)
    • Ellen G. White (Ministry of Healing; The Great Controversy; Desire of Ages)
    • Books on Writing and the Novel
    • Bible College texts (theology, hermeneutics, etc.)
    • Journalism texts
    • text books on the whole – high school and college, articles, magazines’ content, online research, superficial novels, e.g. Ken Follett, Louis L’Amour etc.
    • Papers, e.g. Doug Engelbart’s ‘Augmenting Human Intelligence’ and Vannevar Bush’s “As We May Think’

Through this comprehensive focus and knowledge-intensive lifestyle and a deep passion for his vision to transform how humanity uses the technology revolution to read, write and understand, Shaun developed the qualped brand.

To garner the kind of human resource capital and global team that would make the vision real, the Qualped Simsbook Network came into being. We’re not only bringing the tech revolution that transformed the movie and music industries, to the world of books, but we’re also joining the mantra of Google to build Mankind’s Knowledge Age in this 21st century. With this Network, we own the goal to build a cadre of excellent thought-leaders in the world. Together, let’s rewrite humanity’s future.

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