We Monetize Manuscripts

Multimedia Engagement Conversion for

Theses. Manuals. Courses. Scripts. Reports. Books. Textbooks.

We serve the following ten industries:


Our simsbook technology works well for conversion of any long-text print document into dynamic multimedia marketing ecosystem.

We convert that long-text document: your Manuscript, Report, Manual, Thesis into generating Revenue.

We Serve Banks, Universities, Governments, Businesses, Automobile Industry, Authors, International Agencies, Financial Firms

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Post Graduate Universities

Post-graduate thesis manuscripts now enter a new age of exciting possibilities to reach the world.

Education Sector

Course material need not be caught in flat print format anymore. Now every Course is enjoyable.


Long Text Documents, Law Volumes, Studies, now come alive with multimedia ease of access.

Finance Firms

Audit Reports, Statistical Analysis, Business Plans, Financial Projections now benefit from multimedia aliveness.


Consultants produce bulky Reports for their clients. Now, those Reports could be glitzy and fun to present.

Car Dealerships

Now Ownership Manuals need not be so dreadfully boring, but fun, exciting, engaging.


Nowhere are Reports, Manuals and Long Text Documents more prevalent than in banks. Now these are free to enter the multimedia platform.


Authors now access a Publishing Technology that lifts the book manuscript to a new ecosystem of IP products.


Those boring Annual Reports could now come alive with spicy multimedia fun.

Media and Press

Media can now publish Investigative Reports, Features, Magazine content, and in-depth reports with flair and fun.

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