We’re responsible to design the lifestyle we love, that would cause us to wake up every day with passion, zeal, and enthusiasm; to tackle this world with gusto. In today’s generation, we’re personally empowered, with our Story, Social Media, and the Sharing Economy (Crowdfunding/Subscription/Membership model).

Here’s the path to design a lifestyle you love. First, of course, is exercising Imagination to dream of the lifestyle you would love, then believe it’s a real possibility, then write it out with the following template.

  • Intent

Why? What’s my intention?

One’s intention is one’s philosophy of life that’s in alignment with one’s inner beliefs.

Why must be in alignment with ‘Who I am’.

  • Process

How? I am here, now, with my Intention just a dream, a vision that I see in my spirit, in my imagination, not manifested as reality yet. How could I make it manifest into the physical world?

Working a Plan of Action is necessary and this Plan must be in alignment with one’s skills, talents, and gifting.

What is my Action Plan?

And it relates to When, as Action must be a Now endeavor, not when everything is in place.

  • Outcome

What? One’s dream lifestyle should not be one of merely existing, surviving, drifting from birth to death. Rather, the dream lifestyle ought to be Purposeful, as we see with the fact that it starts out with intention.

Life, in other words, ought to aim at a particular possibility, an Outcome or Results: the fruits or Impact one produces from one’s actions. It comes full circle to be in alignment with Intent.

What Outcome am I setting out to make happen?

Where one produces this fruit determines how effective the Impact would be. The Impact is a giving back, a sowing of seed, cultivation, and cycling back to creating and generating and causing the initial intent to become viral in community. This way, we generate – with the lifestyle we love – solutions, progress, and development for people.

In this 21st century, we’re personally empowered to take responsibility for developing the lifestyle we love, so that we could be useful to humanity, living this life with fruitfulness.

Personal Experience

My own simple story serves as a ready Case Study of this Template on how to design the lifestyle we love: I invented, created, designed and generated the lifestyle I love with the qualped vision.

  • Intent

The intention is to cause every human being who graces this earth to produce a book in his or her lifetime, as an exciting multimedia experience.

  • Process

Through a startup media technology enterprise, I developed the process to achieve that Intent as an Action Plan to re-invent the form of the book, and to make it globally available, under the brand of qualped as a subscription enterprise. That invention is the simsbook format.

This Process flows out of my skills set, gifting, and talent. As Writer, Media Specialist, Lifestyle Coach and lover of classical literature and Novelist, this Action Plan comes natural to me. It draws on my life knowledge, experience, education, passion, and professional skills.

  • Outcome

I set out to cause the outcome of:

  • 100+ million people around the world subscribed to qualped simsbook platform online
  • University post-graduate theses manuscripts converted to popular simsbooks
  • Global platform for authors to develop and publish their own simsbook on qualped simsbooks enterprise

My own experience of using the above Template to design the lifestyle I love creates a journey for me that’s challenging, enjoyable, and a worthwhile way to traverse this earthly path.

I urge you to develop that kind of worthwhile lifestyle. It’s most fulfilling, fruitful, and fun.

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