We welcome inquiries for Partnership, Investment, and Business synergies. We’re bootstrapping this exciting enterprise all the way to glory!
Contact us for the process to acquire shares, build equity, and capitalize on this early opportunity to own stocks in our exciting media enterprise.
A leading Canadian university agrees our next-generation convergent media platform offers a promising future of innovative business growth.  Be among the first to get in on the ground floor. 
Qualped Founder, Shaun Michael Samaroo, dedicates his days and life to build this platform, living out his passion and vision to cause every human being to publish a book in their lifetime, in the form of smsbooks.
Shaun spent the past decade from the birth of the idea in his condo in Toronto, researching, developing and evolving the qualped vision into what it is today. Throughout the years, many people, friends, family, and strangers, believed in his dream and ideals for how human beings could live fruitful lives in the 21st century, backing him.
These are the people who invested in and are registered shareholders of Qualped Corporation. Patiently, with much faithfulness, we’re committed to developing the enterprise, and to eventually do an exit strategy either trading our shares on a stock market, or executing an acquisition with a firm that could take the solution global.

Qualped Corp Shareholders

  • Shaun Michael Samaroo
  • Shahroz Qureshi
  • Malcolm Cho Kee
  • Donover Chaifoo
  • Larry Arnburg
  • Richard Van West Charles
  • Khemraj Ramjattan
  • Yog Mahadeo
  • Sharandai Leonard
  • Louis George
  • Georgiana Chiritoiu
  • Raj Tribhuwan
  • Marina Simmonds
  • Raul Seecharran
  • Amanda Seecharran
  • Rocky Seecharran
  • Prince Samaroo
  • Kindy Michael-Samaroo
  • Tony Baichulall
  • Shafiau Rasheid
  • Loretta Rooney
  • Lynette Rooney
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