Somebody said motivation doesn’t stay with us, that we lose the drive and energy necessary to exercise action. We lose vigor to keep performing with engaging, inspiring, powerful performance. To avoid lackluster living, we must sustain, renew, revive motivation every so often. Just as we need to repeat the work of eating, showering, and even breathing, we need constant action on motivating ourselves.

Here, for this necessary task, we find immense value in engaging a mentor coach. A mentor coach opens up pathways for powerful performance that would be impossible on our own. Without coaches, sports stars would be mediocre. Without life coaches like Tony Robbins and Robin Sharma and Harv Ecker, many high achievers would not excel. I found this truth out through my own story.

Once we’re in the zone in our life where our intuition drives our performance, where we’re in that place of peak ability, we feel great. We win. We exult at life and what’s possible.

See, I’m up to something massive in my life, as writer, author, lover of books. I’ve invented the possibility of living my life for the singular purpose of rewriting humanity’s future. That’s right: because after transitioning from my Journalism career into becoming an author of books, I created my life’s playbook so that I choose to focus on writing novels. For this, I studied the work of great novelists, like Leo Tolstoy, James Joyce, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and other great thinkers.

Stemming from this depth and breadth of reading and studying the human condition, along with 25+ years as a professional Journalist, and given my theology training in Bible College – focused on reading and studying the Biblical books in detail – I developed this tremendous love and passion for probing human nature. Who are we? What are we about? Why are we the way we are?

My reading extended to non-fiction thinkers, like Edward de Bono on design thinking, and Erich Fromm on ‘being’ and on ‘love’, Northrup Frye, Marshall McLuhan, Rene Girard, Harold Bloom, Martin Heidegger, and countless others. My home library of 500 books became the garden in which I toil and plant new insights into my mind every day. Now, rooted into my being, a forest of insights into the inner workings of human nature thrive; the ecosystem of my life vision.

The idea evolved over the years, and now blooms with radiant brightness in my mind, my whole being immersed in its beauty: I am out to cause us to rewrite humanity’s future. Yes, to rewrite our future.

With that vision as my backdrop, I developed a simple goal: write a novel over a ten-book series that encompasses thorough research and all my insights and understanding; one grand epic story of humanity, with what’s possible for human beings on earth.

I set out to achieve the goal through what I know best: media entrepreneurship. So, I founded Qualped Life Corporation in Ontario, Canada, and built a digital media platform to reach the world and cause my goal to touch souls, hearts, minds, and to ripple across generations. The qualped platform exists to become the vehicle where we rewrite our future.

This task of us rewriting our future meanders along a complex path, with quite a few branches, pathways and trails. The end journey takes many twists and turns before we get to it. But in essence it envisions transforming the default future of humanity into a future that we imagine and dream is possible, and choose to make happen. I am setting out to rewrite our default future into a new possibility. Elsewhere in my life-work, the details of what I mean by ‘let’s rewrite our future’ come fully to light. For now, let’s focus on where I am now in my journey.

So, I created this humongous vision and goal, and set up the qualped platform as a complex entrepreneur venture – with no idea even if I’m capable for the task. In many ways, it’s an impossible mission, a dream beyond my wildest imagination of ever seeing made real. Talking to people about it evokes in an audience a stunned reaction of incredulous disbelief: It’s overwhelming even for me talking about this to folks. However, I wake up every day excited with the challenge I’ve set myself. I want to live a well-lived, meaningful, powerful life. So I am throwing my whole heart and soul and spirit and body into the endeavour, fully conscious that I could fail, or I could win at this. If I fail, I would be happy that I made every effort. If I win, all humanity wins. So in my mind, a lot is at stake.

However, such a mindset generates such an overwhelming feeling of unease, that I could lose motivation with rapid ease. Along with common obstacles from such fact as big thinking doesn’t come easy to my social circle, plugging away purely in faith and self-belief and dogged determination causes despondency, if not despair. Taking on the weight of the world seems foolish.

Thus, motivating myself becomes a crucial ingredient if I’m to do this.

Qualped Founder, Shaun Michael Samaroo
Qualped Founder, Shaun Michael Samaroo

Much of personal motivation I work out myself, having graduated from a Life Coaching and Self-Expression Leadership coaching program in Toronto eight years ago.

However, I met an Executive Mentor Coach, and got a brand new understanding of how I could remain engaged, motivated, and empowered. I could in fact achieve my vision, goal and method, through guided coaching. I could take on this mammoth lifelong assignment of rewriting our future, of authoring this grand epic novel of upwards of one million words that investigates and probes human nature, and come up with a revelation of new possibilities for humanity’s future. I could engineer the qualped platform into a global solution upon which the novel would influence the world.

I could do all of it, if I work with a mentor coach. One took on the task to become my Executive Mentor Coach, and immediately revealed how vital such a structure is, for building a great life.

A mentor coach opens up pathways of ‘knowing’ that would be impossible without the coaching.

Here are three such openings:


  • We live with ‘blindspots’ – emotional, psychological, neurological mindsets that we’re blind to. Only somebody trained in looking for those hidden pitfalls could spot them.
  • A mentor coach identifies these spots, and opens them up to our awareness.
  • Once the storyline that we construct (which we do to make rational sense of our irrationality) comes to light under the expert guidance of the mentor coach, the awareness of it extracts our self-story into the playground of our consciousness.
  • Once that which is hidden is now revealed to our awareness, we could consciously work on healing ourselves from what’s deflating our motivation.
  • A key tool in exercising this awareness is the use of our Intuition. Our Intuition is not our instinct, as so many people confuse it to be. Rather, while instinct is our reflex reaction to a stimulus, Intuition is the ‘flow’ by which we engage in performance; much like an athlete who is in the ‘zone’, where performance becomes elevated, exalted to a high efficiency “knowledge”, an extraordinary, even miraculous moment of peak performance. Awareness opens the pathway for us to exercise our Intuition for powerful performance. And it takes a mentor coach to make that happen.


  1. We deflate our performance, and even cripple our abilities, when we see nothing we could choose.
  2. Being able to choose is a necessary opening for us to move forward.
  3. When we see no choice, we see only locked doors, feeling trapped in a closed-in psyche prison as victims of chance and circumstances, feeling powerless to stop things ‘happening’ to us. When we think we got no choice, we become blind to what is possible, to all possibilities. Without seeing choices we cannot see openings, pathways, possible solutions.
  4. A mentor coach reveals to us our choices within any given framework, thus opening up possibilities that would remain hidden in our blindspots. With mental clarity and a mindset open to see our choices, we become attuned to possibilities, and the only thing that’s left is for us to exercise our mastery and personal power to choose whichever possibility most inspires and motivates us.


  1. Once we’re in the zone in our life where our Intuition drives our performance, where we’re in that place of peak ability, we feel great. We win. We exult at life and what’s possible.
  2. The mentor coach becomes our cheerleader, cheering us on to push our abilities beyond our limitations, to go the extra mile, to bust the winning tape no matter how we feel, think or experience the moment.
  3. In our action phase, our mentor coach ensures we rise to the occasion, that we dance in rhythm and play with gusto and wow the audience.

My Executive Mentor Coach thus opens up exciting pathways for me to achieve these grandiose plans I’ve set myself. I feel confident about the enormously challenging life vision I created. I think that, with a coach probing into those blindspots to bring to my revelation those hidden obstacles and self-story plots that I have nursed since childhood and which hold me back, I’ll achieve peak performance and wow the world with this tremendous task of us rewriting our future; of rewriting humanity’s future.

A mentor coach holds us accountable in this phase of executing our plans. Many times, we know what action to take, but we either lose focus through mental distraction and a mindset of neurological blocks, or we lose motivation for advancing forward, maybe through slackening commitment.

This vision is already well on the way, with the qualped platform engineering three major projects:

  • A pilot project with the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) to convert postgraduate thesis manuscripts into popular books and commercial multimedia Intellectual Property (IP) products. The company aims to execute such partnerships with universities around the world, to rewrite the future of how graduates of Master’s and Doctorate programs share their research knowledge with the world.
  • We operate a new book technology, an innovation on the ebook format, moving it away from its flat, gray, one-dimensional format, into our exciting organic simple multimedia smartbook format, called the qualped simsbook. Such books come populated on the Qualped Simsbook domain, a subscription-for-knowledge book multimedia ecosystem.
  • A digital media and ecommerce system that publicizes the qualped brand worldwide, including a digital college where authors train and become certified as simsbook writers and creators. With our Qualped Multimedia Studio, we set out to rewrite the story of humanity’s future; how we engage each other.

My story spells out a journey littered with the exciting failures and wonderful successes of an ordinary human being who dreams big, creates a grandiose life-vision, and who literally sets out to make a mark on the world for good, and to generate an eternal legacy, and to transform the possibilities of what it means to be a human being.

Without my mentor coach, such a journey would not produce the results I set out to produce; but with the inputs of the mentor coach, I’m confident of one day standing on the summit of my mountain top, and basking in the glory of my life, well-lived and fruitful and rewarding.

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