Universities and institutions of higher learning

– New revenue stream for post-grad theses

Here is a new revenue stream that positions your institution’s name in the forefront of the next wave of empowering your post-graduate alumni.

Throughout history, universities worldwide under-performed with regards to the thesis manuscripts of graduates of Master’s and Doctorate and PhD degrees. We’re transforming this situation. If you want your university to play well in the 21st century Knowledge Age, contact us here for a meeting to discuss how simsbooks work to brand and generate new revenue for the institution and postgrad alumni.

Traditionally, thesis manuscripts served the singular purpose of documenting the graduate’s research. After graduation, universities file away the thesis manuscript in libraries, filing cabinets, or storage shelves.

Students thus graduate with their Master’s and Doctorate or PhD degree, and most often end up with a heavy student debt, but zero revenue from the thesis manuscript – this original research material that is valuable and worth its weight in gold with well-researched knowledge. Yet, the thesis fails to reach the wider public.

With the development of Simsbooks for Universities and Institutions of higher learning, Qualped Corp. transforms how universities treat thesis manuscripts after a student graduates with a post-graduate degree.

Simsbooks offer universities the following benefits:

  • New Revenue Stream with conversion of thesis manuscripts into popular books and multimedia Intellectual Property products, branded and sold through the Qualped Convergence Multimedia Platform. The university receives a percentage of royalty for the lifetime of the published work.
  • Universities could now offer potential graduates of Master’s and Doctorate and PhD degrees a lifelong personal revenue stream, through royalties from their converted and published thesis.
  • Both the University and graduate students could now hold ownership of Intellectual Property in multimedia products, earning lifetime revenue, and also making available to the wider public globally, the original research idea of the student. This opens up potential for commercialization, entrepreneur ventures, and deployment of the solution that the research generated, to society.

No longer would such amazing knowledge – as embodied within thesis manuscripts – be locked up in filing cabinets, storage shelves and dusty libraries. Now, universities and graduates could convert thesis manuscripts into a range of Intellectual Property products, along with popular hardcover and softcover print books, that generate lifetime royalty, revenue, and also benefit to society of the research material.

Qualped simsbooks transform the way the world interacts with, benefits from, and commercializes the manuscript of theses. This revolutionizes tertiary education, and – for the first time in history – makes the immense knowledge and post-graduate education and research of Master’s and Doctorate and PhD manuscripts available to the general populace.

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