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Founder: Shaun Michael Samaroo

Shaun Michael Samaroo

Shaun Michael Samaroo is a writer who designs innovative ideas and writes original stories to generate conversations that create solutions to common human problems and challenges. He is the CEO of Qualped Corporation, a media innovation company in Oshawa.

Shaun has worked as a journalist and writer for the past 27 years. He has accomplished much in his career, having excelled as a newspaper and television journalist.

 In the course of his career, he has interviewed senior government ministers, accomplished business people, parliamentarians, world-famous leaders and hundreds of ordinary people. He has worked in international television, appearing as an invited guest on current affairs shows for national Canadian television.
He pioneered TV documentary-style programs for national television in Guyana.

He has wide-ranging experience in the newspaper industry, having founded a national newspaper in Guyana and two community newspapers in Canada. He has also written and published four books. In his life as a writer, he has written published work that amounts to more than one million words.

In the process, his research, reading and thinking as a writer and communicator has enabled him to develop an empathetic understanding of life and people.

Shaun enjoys life as an amateur guitarist, photographer, professional writer, author, media entrepreneur, technology innovator, multimedia designer, Life Skills Coach, squash player, chess player, literary reader, inspirational speaker, evangelist, ballroom dancer and cricket fan.

He lives with the courage and faith and enthusiasm that he can do great things in the service of love to inspire, contribute to, and generate transformation of communities for good. He believes in kindness, compassion and justice for the poor, needy and under-privileged.

Co-Founder: Shahroz Qureshi

Shahroz Qureshi
  • Real Estate Agent, Ontario, Canada
  • Able to Leverage Strengths, & Anticipate Changes in the Business Environment
  • Exceptional team-work and team leadership, with the ability to adapt to situation and process changes effectively
  • Superior problem solving skills, oral and verbal communication
  • Outstanding customer service skills and highly knowledgeable and professional
  • Knowledge of intermediate accounting tasks such as general entries, invoices, statements, etc.
  • Excellent marketing ability, which includes creating and submitting print/online ads through Facebook/Instagram Google, flyers and open house materials
  • Bachelor of Business Administration, Trent University, Ontario
  • Business Administration- Accounting Diploma, Durham College, Oshawa, Ontario
  • Real Estate Agent Certified, Ontario, Canada                                        

Co-Founder: Richard Landau

Richard Landau
Richard Landau

Richard M. Landau is a communications executive, digital media strategist, and independent documentary maker known for creating and developing original public affairs TV programming that deals with matters of ethics and public affairs.

Richard has excelled as an entrepreneur and marketing executive, founding a thriving advertising agency.  His knowledge and skill in cultural diversity prompted him to successfully expand Vision TV’s reach into over 80 ethnically diverse faith communities while serving as Executive Producer of its outreach Mosaic division.

At start up, he was hired by Canada’s national Christian TV service (YES, formerly known as CTS TV) as Executive Producer responsible for animating and cooperating with Canadian producers and communities. While there, he hosted and produced a range of TV programs, earning more than 40 international awards for TV excellence and creating programming that reflects diversity. For 20 years, with both CTS TV and Vision TV, Richard was responsible for upholding a broadcast Code of Ethics aimed at guaranteeing a multiplicity of voices were heard. He has presented to the CRTC on five occasions and is a consultant to various broadcasters on matters of policy.

Richard is also an authority in conflict resolution and dialogue.  He is the author of the e-book What the World Needs to Know about Interfaith Dialogue. This e-book has become valuable as a resource. Beliefnet, the internet’s foremost site for faith matters, selected this e-book for companion material to its online interfaith dialogue mini-course.

Richard has been a consultant and contributor to numerous interfaith and intercultural dialogue groups in Canada and abroad.  He has been consulted by the White House and the UK Home Office on such issues. Richard has been called upon by civil authorities to adjudicate faith-based disputes.

He is a sworn Federal Returning Officer for Elections Canada and he is author of articles about equity and diversity issues, including one academic paper for Canadian Diversity at the request of the Ontario Human Rights Commission.

Co-Founder: Malcolm Cho-Kee

Malcolm Cho-Kee

Malcolm Cho-Kee achieved outstanding accomplishments in business as a Canadian Real Estate Broker and owner of Kee Plus Realty Ltd. founded in 1990.  As an Instructor of Commercial Real Estate at the Ontario Real Estate College, for the last ten years plus, he travels throughout Ontario teaching Real Estate students how to engage with the Canadian Real Estate Market.

However, much of his time is spent volunteering for various community causes, including for the community of visually impaired persons. He’s well known in the Canadian-Caribbean community. Born in Guyana, South America, he moved to Canada as a young man, and developed himself well. Today, he lives to give back to his community.

Engaging, cordial, always pleasant, professional as a business person, always willing to reach out a willing hand to anyone approaching him for guidance, coaching or mentoring, Malcolm exhibits a wonderful character, one of humble service.

Highly qualified as a member of the exclusively elite Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM), He also serves in such diverse areas as Asset Management, Business Consulting and Real Estate Brokerage and Sales. He is active in the Caribbean and Canadian markets.

Over the decades of community service, building a solid network of relationships in his business and professional world, and constantly developing his expertise and skills, Malcolm today stands as a leader of exceptional ability and experience.

Malcolm looks forward to serving Canada and the Caribbean, and any community where he could make a defining difference, with keen anticipation and optimism, ready to contribute to the vision, strategy and leadership mandates to the cause.

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