Welcome to the Gutenberg Editor

The goal of this new editor is to make adding rich content to WordPress simple and enjoyable. This whole post is composed of pieces of content—somewhat similar to LEGO bricks—that you can move around and interact with. Move your cursor around and you’ll notice the different blocks light up with outlines and arrows. Press the […]

Knowledge Age turns Economics upside down

The man and woman copulate in sexual relations, and children come forth. Soon, a tribe forms. Society expands. But we see that the resources necessary for the society to survive, thrive and grow remain the same, not expanding to keep up with growing society.

How To Manage Current Transition From Industrial Age to Knowledge Age

We live in strange times, one of those historical moments that happen as Mankind transitions into a new form of global society. We’re witnessing the momentous and monumental decline and fall of the Industrial Age, a time of profound disruptions, and the birth pangs of the futuristic, promising Knowledge Age. This transition phase, as one […]

The book form is best expression of an idea

We develop, progress and build civilization with ideas, imagination, invention. The book is yet the best expression of an idea. Engaging with that Idea requires effort, emotion and energy. In our Digital Age of the global Knowledge Society, the book offers the best opportunity for personal empowerment, individual economic freedom, and society engagement. You can […]

How We Win Life’s Game

Warfare We live on this earth with constant battles to overcome. From birth, all through life, to the day we pass away, we face obstacles, challenges, setbacks. Life comes wrapped up with our failures, flaws and falls. We’re fragile creatures in the wilderness of this world. We’re in a wound-up state of warfare, battling to […]

Thought-leaders Blazing New Trails

Thought-leaders in the 21st century emerge out of academia, soft-cushioned chairs, concrete walls and secured salaries. However, when we examine history, the global thought-leaders who impact humanity most, who designed our thought processes, emerged from an astonishing space. Like Mandela, Gandhi, Mother Teresa and the transformational souls who graced this earth, the birth and genesis […]

We Monetize Manuscripts

We convert that long-text document: your Manuscript, Report, Manual, Thesis into generating Revenue. We Serve Banks, Universities, Governments, Businesses, Automobile Industry, Authors, International Agencies, Financial Firms

Founder Talks Qualped Mission

Here’s the Founder of Qualped, Shaun Michael Samaroo, in conversation with Executive Mentor Coach, Marguerite O’Neal. Listen to what we’re doing with the future of the book. The following is extracted from Marguerite O’Neal’s Consulting website: Shaun Michael Samaroo is the CEO of Qualped, a startup company based in Oshawa, Ontario dedicated to transforming the way […]

New Mantra Embraces Failure

I write this piece because today I woke up and, in a magnificent epiphany, chose to embrace the possibility that there’s a 95% chance of failing to make this qualped mission a global success story. I cling on with only a 5% chance of success, so big, glorious, impossible is the vision to achieve. You see, I set out to transform the entity of the book, of how we humans tell our story, of how society engages with Intellectual Property, of how universities develop post-graduate thesis manuscripts, of causing every human being to produce a book in his or her…