You Are Breathing Every Moment Your Intellectual Property, You, Inc.


by Shaun Michael Samaroo


Your life is a story, a testimony, a message in the making, an organic, dynamic creative composition.

For the purposeful person, your story is the Creator’s mapping of your life story, your journey through this world, through this earthly existence. You’re here on earth now for a purpose, created with a definite intention in the divine mind.

We live not just drifting through our days, but we construct a life, and that life is a coherent story. The biblical record informs us that our story is being written in the Book of Life in heaven. The greatest gift the Creator gave to you is your testimony, your story.

What are you doing with that gift? The answer lies in our willingness to be of service to humanity through telling your story on the 21st century world stage, which is now our platform because of communications technology and digital social media. Read more below graphics.

Here on the earth, this world recognizes that there’s value in your life story: your talents, passion and life knowledge. The world entrenches this, globally, in Law, and it’s called Intellectual Property.

Your Intellectual Property (IP) makes up your Human Capital, which is your God-given asset base. The story in the biblical record of Jesus’ parable about the talents of the laborers, and the Master’s response to how they invest their talents, speaks of this truth. Don’t hide your story, but invest it, cultivate it to bear good fruits.

How are you investing your asset base, your testimony and story, the Creator’s greatest gift to you? We at Qualped Corp created the training model to make this happen for you.

We humans tend to think of Capital as only land or house or money and material things. And we think of Asset as finances and education. But our Assets include our talents, gifts, passions and life experience.

We at Qualped Corp designed a ground-breaking curriculum, Your Story in Society, because the Creator has given us a vision to make this revelation an innovative new movement in the world of the 21st century.

We see in the biblical record ancient stories of apostles, disciples and prophets and people who served Mankind in the biblical record, how important their stories, their walk with a heart of purity giving their life to humanity, became in the fulfilling of the the Rights of Man and the executing of the mandate of the good life in the earth, and how they contributed in shaping human history.

This Course, Your Story in Society, is designed to provide you with the insights and understanding, tools and technology, so that you could turn your Human Capital – your talents, passions, gifting and life experience, into real asset, into marketable Intellectual Property, a la the famous historical Servants of Mankind who write and publish books, make DVD documentaries, and operate online teaching and equipping forums.

This Your Story in Society Course is a workshop model, and its goal is to impart insight and understanding into what it means to develop your Intellectual Property (IP), and earn lifetime royalty.

Those who complete this Workshop Course would be invited to be enrolled into a longer Program, where development of the IP products would be completed.

Your Story in Society aims to convert your testimony from an unused, unwrapped gift from God, into a real asset that would be your tool to carry out your holy purpose to humanity, in this our 21st century world culture, because we now live in a mediated global village.

Your story matters, your testimony could transform hurting hearts and broken minds, and your God-given human capital could mediate and influence society for purposeful living.

copyright @2016 The Qualped Corp., Ontario Canada, CEO – Shaun Michael Samaroo


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