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Our Story in Society


by Shaun Michael Samaroo

Human history now crests at a nexus, where the individual person holds enormous inherent power, which never was in history. This 21st century truly empowers the individual person, with narrative power to touch people in every corner of the world.

The physical tools that cause this are the Internt, communications technology and our ability to read, write and design multimedia content – our media literacy.

The inherent tools are our human capital, made up of a series of human assets, such as skills, talents, life knowledge, experience, abilities, knowledge, health, wisdom and understanding, imagination, and our ability to use language to communicate to our community.

Never before in all of history has the individual stood at the edge of this vast ocean of knowledge, available to us at the click of our fingertips, through the Internet.

Never before in history has the individual person stood so empowered, so literate and with his and her basic survival needs so easily met. Now we’re not so concerned with primary concerns, or even secondary concerns, but with tertiary concerns – how to make a difference in the world with our life, how to touch the heart and soul of others, how to live for vision and a big goal.

commerce2 Today, we stand on the foundation of a towering mountain of great men and women who’ve gone before us, who were thinkers and leaders and ground breakers, who blazed trails that they left for us, this generation, to walk in.

The great thinkers and writers and philosophers and politicians and business leaders and innovators and inventors and creators, these left their mark, their path, their footprints for us to follow. We could now walk in the shoes of the greatness of the past several thousand years – embodied in the biblical record, in Shakespeare, in the great literature of the ages and generations – Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, Augustine, Descartes, Darwin, Freud: we could go on and on.

We stand on the mountain of knowledge recorded in over five million books, most now available for free online at free e-book sites – most of the great classics.

We stand today with astonishing knowledge on how to eat healthy, how to live active lives. We stand on the mountain of great financial wisdom, of amazing and wonderful and fantastic opportunities for the individual, the one person, to develop his or her human capital for a life of abundance and glory and honour and wealth and power.

We stand on the mountain of spiritual insight never before known to Mankind – with dozens of bible translations available, with all  major religions expanding and growing around the world, with best seller books and TV programs and Internet content overwhelming us with spiritual advice, inspiring insights, and motivating lifestyle intelligence.

We stand on a great, massive mountain of lifelong learning, with books and knowledge and college courses and university programs so easily available, both in class and online, to anybody with a little bit of effort and motivational drive.

We’ve come to a nexus in history where the individual person stands with supreme power within easy hand reach.


Truly, Man now smells the scent of what it means to aspire to be a god: we can now more than ever know good and evil. We can now more than at any time in history become machine-man, humanoid being with superhuman powers. We can implant chips into our bodies. We can wear Internet devices, like those fitness bands that measure our active lifestyle, heart rate and cholesterol levels. We can manage machines that obey our commands at the sound of our voice, like smartphones that serve us even in our banking and buying and selling, through paypal and internet finance.

We’re at a nexus in history where we stand on a high mountain, reaching to touch the heavens, and we traverse a path beaten down and prepared for us by great men and women who blazed those trails for us over the ages and generations, their life lessons now sitting like a genie at out feet, ready to obey our every command, our every wish, like Dr Faustus, able to realize whatever wish he could imagine.

What made all this possible?

The mediated global village, that’s what.

The ancient ability to tell our story around the fireplace moved over the ages and generations, over history, from sitting around a campfire in a cave, to sitting around electric screens telling stories on the global stage, where indeed all the world’s a stage and we but players on it. Now, for the first time in history, each person’s story is important, valuable, inspiring, motivating, and instructive to the human soul.

This hour of the 21st century may be the bright light, that booming sunset, before the darkest hour of Mankind, when fallen human nature will kick in to establish the “panopticon of singularity”, a global system of networking humans into the virtual world of the Internet, where, as the biblical record  of futuristic prophecy informs us, Mankind will not be able to perform any economic function without being hooked up to this global humanoid network.

And in this hour just before the terrifying great darkness that’s about to overwhelm our souls, we can, for the very first time in history, make our mark on the human consciousness, carve out our place in the universe, tell our story on the stage of life, define the fact that we are here and we are significant and our life is purposeful, not just a drifting through space, that our Creator made us to be originators, creators and multipliers, increasers, as we experience this divine investment in us, this divine-breathed gift to us, life itself.

How should we live in the 21st century?

We should read, write and tell our story to the world.

We should spend an hour a day reading from these great books that shaped and designed human history, and we should write our thoughts and insights and ideas, and design these into attractive and inspiring and motivating material, digital content – all free and easily available at our fingertips. And then we should share this on the global platform that is social media.

Never before was this enormous possibility possible in human history, for you, one individual person, to so easily tell your story to the global society, and in return receive rewards of fame and fortune.

We’re at a mountain peak in the human experience on this earth, a peak that refers back to Satan’s deception to Eve that Mankind would attain to knowledge of great evil, and divine good. We’re that generation. We stand on the highest point of that peak, before the great Fall will happen, when we’ll tumble headlong into the networked world of humanoid beings at the mercy of the machine, the computer, the thing that we created to serve us that will command our demise.


We stand on this threshold. In our hands is this ability to grasp all of human history, a history that lies there rolled out behind us, on our path leading up the Mountain like a brilliant red carpet of nobleness and glory, we stand at this peak with that great foundation under us, and we look out to the heavens, and we can shout our story to the global village, and have it echo back to us, reverberating our voice through space and time, with power, with divine beauty.

Truly, were we not ordered out of the Garden of Eden, in this Age, our generation, Mankind would become gods, like the divine beings of heaven, like the fallen angels, knowing not death, but living forever embracing the great satanic evil after which we lust.

Today, we stand on this peak, and the biblical record prophecies that this is the Age, the generation when we could choose the greatest blessing of all, to dance upon the galaxy, to holler to the universe, to enlarge our stories, to, like the disciples and the prophets and David the king and Moses the patriarch, write and tell our stories, our individual testimony, to the global village, now and for all generations to come, forever – in this time we more than at any time in history could etch our name in the book of life, carve our life into the tale of humankind, brand our story into the hearts and minds of global Man.

What an amazing, exciting, inspiring, motivating Age we live in! How blessed is this generation! How fantastic is the opportunity before us! How golden is this gift that lies like a sleeping genie at our feet!

In this mediated global village, you are the most important asset in the world, your human capital – your story, your life experience, your gifts and talents and mind and heart and soul and body and spirit, you, you, are the greatest resource upon the earth, you, fashioned by God’s hands himself, with the dust of the ground, you – breathed into with the divine breath of life, the Creator himself, molding you with His hands, breathing into you His life and Spirit. In this Age and this generation, you’re it, baby – you’re it!

Your story, designed into media products, influences the world, causes people to think and feel, to be inspired and motivated, to take certain actions.

Your story influences the spheres of influence that dominate Mankind, this world.

Your story influences what goes on in politics, in the media, in education, in family lifestyle, in arts and entertainment, in the economic realm, in religions and the way society behaves, and how government governs. A tipping point of enough personal stories flooding the global village will cause great and mighty transformations.

We see how the writings and sharing and historical documentation of the stories of the greats, including the biblical prophets and apostles and disciples, how those shaped and designed humankind, starting with the Ten Commandments that God Himself wrote with His fingers on a stone tablet, how writing and publishing influenced every sphere of Man.


This generation, this Age, has arrived at the crowning peak of that great secret of what life is all about, of that mystery method that designed and molded human history, and will design and shape our future.

You – and your story in society – that’s what the Knowledge Age is all about, that’s why we’re here, now, at this juncture of Mankind’s meandering journey through the earth, rising from our fallenness to our divine place as co-inheritors of the divine grace, with our Creator.


copyright @2016 Qualped Corp., Ontario, Canada, CEO Shaun Michael Samaroo

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