Design Your Future, Your Story Is Intellectual Property

September 22, 2016

by Shaun Michael Samaroo


We work with you to discover, design and deploy your Intellectual Property across the earth.

Our 21st century global village, through social media, gives you instant reach across the earth.

We believe your Human Capital forms the foundation today of your value, assets and raw material. In your story and your life journey, experiences, knowledge and skills and abilities is your wealth and capital and real asset.

Here’s my heart-felt thought on why I believe your story would influence society and transform the hearts and minds of people searching for a way to live meaningful lives.

I choose to live this life with intention and purpose. I intentionally and purposely design my lifestyle to fulfill a particular fruitfulness. I believe that in life our only goal is to be fruitful – not to be happy, rich or famous, but to bear fruits worthy of the fruitful life. Fruitful living rewards us with inner peace, joy of living, loving relationships, kindness, goodness, godliness, self-control, patience.

In this pursuit of our quest for fruitfulness in our daily lifestyle, we discover our lasting legacy and our relationship with society.

The Intention and Purpose of my own life come from three ancient texts of wisdom:

  1. Matthew 28: 19, the biblical advice to live to make disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ, of the nations, in my generation, by teaching people what the Creator taught me, with revelations and epiphanies and those aha moments. This is a task of awesome responsibility, for it involves a global reach, which is possible if we follow the Christ lifestyle of selfless love. This is my relationship with society, my social well-being, in the realm and sphere of my aesthetic, physical existence.
    1. Key question: what has the Lord taught me, revealed to me through my life so far, and do I understand that revelation of what He’s given me insight about?
  2. Galatians 5:22, the biblical insight of fruits to cultivate in this life, which flow through our cultivating relationship with the Holy Spirit. These fruits show up in love, joy, peace, kindness, goodness, gentleness, self-control, patience and godliness. This makes up my sphere of spiritual groundedness, my foundation, my essence, where I become one with the Creator, as a created Creature, within the context of the Creation – and it’s the purpose for which I exist.
    1. Key question: how do we discern that we’re walking with the Holy Spirit? We must know the difference between Body, Soul and Spirit and how they operate, their senses in us. This opens our insight into the depth of human nature, why we’re the way we are in this world.
  3. John 1:1, the biblical revelation that in language, or the word, is my tool for living this life, and for creating the future that is possible, that I aspire to live in on this earth and beyond.
    1. Key Question: How do I develop a system of Language that is inspiring and effective, that’s future-based, revelation-centered and insightful, intuitive, solutions-oriented?

To achieve this Intentional purpose, my methodology is three-fold:

  1. To write and publish books, both as digital smartbooks, and also as printed books. Qualped Corp exists for this purpose.
  2. To operate a mobile seminar series, titled Your Story In Society, which trains and teaches participants to build their Story into engaging Intellectual Property, and offer them the tools to write, design and share media products that engage people, their society. The Seminar enrolls participants into an online training program, through Qualped College, that equips them with the ability and tools to write, design and share their purpose and intention of life, through developing their Story into IP.
  3. Through Qualped Corp., students develop the ability to publish their books and simple multimedia smartbook (SMS), produce movies and documentaries, and design and develop digital online projects that are solutions-oriented, innovative and ground-breaking.

My Business Model, Products and Methodology:

  • Qualped Lifestyle Fellowship – classroom weekend workshop
  • Qualped Book of Life Disciple Coaching – social training club
  • Qualped Your Life – Course I
  • Design your Future – Course II
  • Write Your Future – Course III
  • Qualped’s Simple Multimedia Smartbooks (SMSs) – innovative digital book
  • (CM)3 = SMSs – Business Model
  • Your Story In Society – mobile seminar and annual conference
    • This training program that operates as a Seminar, Annual Conference and Online Digital School, answers the question ‘How Do We Influence Society”, which trains people in the art of the transformation of ideas through engaging multimedia story telling. It operates through:
      • Business Model: (CM)3 = SMS
        • Transformation in Community comes about by Creative Message x Community Media on Social Media x Cooperative Money like Kickstarter and GoFundMe, being packaged into SMS product.
        • The Flow of Influence is along the line of:
          • Germ or Seed of Idea – Social Circle, Personal Media – Government, Votes –- Justice System, Legislation –- Mass Media –- Transformed Idea influencing Society. The idea starts out as traditionally defined, and through the Flow process becomes transformed into a redefinition, the line coming full circle. This is how Society is influenced.

The Secret to life is in the Formula, a reductionist approach of all factors into a root, foundation equation. This becomes our Business Model.

Creative Message relates to Matthew 28:19 – what has the Creator revealed to you in your life, which you know through your life story, history and aspirations or dreams. Explore these in intellectual effort. Your Story is revelation of why the Creator created you, and made, fashioned and designed you the way you are today. In your understanding of these why’s, is the revelation of the Creator of what your life’s all about.

Community Media is your world in the social circle, where the Creator planted you, and the world that you desire to reach and partake of, to play in. You are called to reach these people, to play in their lives, on their stage, and to transform how they see and think and feel about whatever you’re passionate about and could become an authority on.

Cooperative Money. The Creator said “…and I shall be with you always…”, which is divine promise that the power, provision and resources we require to accomplish the task of influencing and transforming society we need not worry about, as we see with the lives of the disciples and apostles and prophets in the biblical record, our textbook of life. The power of Christ is with us always, and therefore we pool our resources, a la the disciples, and don’t worry about basic necessities. Reference Peter’s coin from the mouth of a fish to pay taxes, as a biblical secret revealed that in talent and gifting is financial resources.

We see Economy operate in the biblical record as a shared, cooperative, communal kind of system, a la the Mennonite communities, the Amish and the way of life of the original Anabaptists and Brethren communities.

Thus, we design our Lifestyle Intentionally, Purposefully, to execute the Great Commission of the biblical record, with our main goal to teach people to live worthwhile lives of fruitful living, using Language and Communication as our tool, and networking in communities of sharing and giving.

That’s what the Creator revealed to me, taught me, for this Knowledge Age and Mediated Global Village. And I am here to pass what our Creator revealed to me on to you, and by this, to disciple-coach you, for you to go out into your sphere of society and influence people there, with what the Creator deposited into you.

copyrighted @2016 Shaun Michael Samaroo, CEO Qualped Corp., Ontario, Canada


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