Cultivating Spiritual Substance And Intelligence Makes For Powerful Living


To move into extraordinary performance, where we develop and cultivate the kind of lifestyle that allows us to touch the world in this mediated Knowledge Age of the 21st century, we’ve got to work hard on our spiritual intelligence.

Most of us today already realize that life’s not really about the physical world: there’s a deep reality than material stuff, and what we perceive with our five senses.

And life’s more than just developing the mind, or honing the emotions and will.

Life’s about developing the way we’re being, how we approach the daily habit of living, and this happens on the spiritual realm, that sphere where we breathe from to remain alive.

It’s necessary to work hard on this aspect of us, as in our world few people place spiritual transformation at the top of their list of priorities. Yet, those people who make a defining difference for humanity cultivate their spiritual sensibilities, such as imagination, intuition and conscience.

To step out of ordinary, mundane existing, we’ve got to walk in the miraculous, the extraordinary, the supernatural.



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