Cultivate Relationship With Your Community, Offering Your Substance

by Shaun Michael Samaroo


So my daily, daily walk is this search for what’s true, for what life is all about, in reality – not what they tell us, or what the popular fad is, not what society tells me. I want to discover for myself what’s true, in every sense of the word.

Life’s a team sport. We’ve got to cultivate sensible, sustainable, substantial relationships with a community that syncs with our mindset. Together is how we grow, not alone, isolated, without partners and mentors and coaches and buddies watching our backs.

Here I outline how I build substance in my own life, so I pour into others value and worth. We must work hard to self-develop so that we become assets to those we build relationships with: we must be a pillar in our community, not just existing and depending and leaning on without giving of ourselves, substantially.

Imagine the first human walking out of the cave, that domain of security and warmth and protection, to stare up at the bright sun through the forest, with a determination to conquer the earth, to tame nature.

Let’s imagine this human being a man, for the simple reason that women only now, in this 21st century, emerge from the shadow of the perception of being the weaker gender.

We feel sure the first question this human man asks himself relates to his purpose, direction, what is his truth: how to live this life, what to commit oneself to.

Standing outside the cave, the whole world wide open to him, stretching out ahead of him, this man, we imagine, wonders about his choices.

His power of choice, this would hit him like a roaring lion. What, where, when, who, why, how – these questions design and shape his step forward.


Since time immemorial Mankind throws himself headlong into the quest of finding our purpose, our reason for existing, our truth.

From the ancient thinkers like Homer, Socrates, Aristotle, Plato, to modern thinkers like Sartre, Kierkegaard, Hawking, Bill Gates, this one underlying quest drives us forward into the unknown future.

In the historical record that we live in now, from Year 1 A.D. to now, 2016 A. D., we settled on a world that accepts one fact as ultimate truth: that our lives revolve on economics, and this physical world.

Reality, we believe in our inner presupposition of life, flows out of Adam Smith’s theory that we live for needs and wants.

Peter Drucker added to this, asserting that we also live for aspirations.

So we live with this truth, that economics forms our foundation, and we must satisfy our needs, wants and aspirations.

Out of this physical preoccupation of Mankind, we also adapted the idea that physical matter makes up ultimate truth, and so we see Science become our god, dictating to us how to live this life, what to choose out of the myriad of paths we could take through this world.

This question bothers me – how best to live this life? What’s ultimate truth? For I want to live truth, not a falsehood, not a myth and a mirage.

Of course, most of Mankind imitates society, and just copy and do what everybody else is doing.relate2

But the few originators and original thinkers who emerge out of the human gene pool question the status quo, and want to not follow the crowd, but find the real path, what’s truth.

I happen to be one of these guys, not that I’m a genius or anything, but I crave origination, to create new, fresh compositions and ways of being.

I am not satisfied to just drift through my days from birth to death, to lie in a grave one day forgotten and lost. Instead, I want to live on, to embrace that which is eternal, because what’s eternal is truth.

So my daily, daily walk is this search for what’s true, for what life is all about, in reality – not what they tell us, or what the popular fad is, not what society tells me. I want to discover for myself what’s true, in every sense of the word.

And here’s the thing: I have come to believe that the Judeo-Christian record and history of Mankind is what embodies truth. Here I list seven reasons why I believe this, and am setting out to live my life with this belief:

I believe faith should never be blind, and that’s why I do not subscribe to religion.

If I think faith is truth, that our lives come wrapped up in spiritual existence rather than mere physical matter, then I must prove it across all spectrum – physical, spiritual and soul.

I define these three as physical matter, which we sense with our five sense; soulish being an aura, invisible, vibrating waves emanating from and surrounding the immediate environment of the physical body; and spiritual being a wider virtual, invisible microwave shield forming a powerful aura that envelopes the soul. Thus, our spirit man casts a wide berth, like wireless connection does, while our soul affects immediate impact, like electricity, with our body the conductor of this soul impact.

The seat of these three entities – body, soul, spirit – resides out of the brain’s interaction with our nervous system and synapses and biochemical makeup. Once the body “dies”, the soul disperses, just like electricity would be lost without a conductor, and the spirit floats about looking for a soul to find an anchor, its berth.

Just like the body’s got physical senses, the soul comprises some senses, for example, emotion, mind and will, and the spirit’s got its own sense, such as imagination, intuition and conscience.

My spirit, your spirit, works symbiotically with this thing wrelate3e call our way of being. We could choose, moment by moment, how we’re being, our way of being. How we choose to be, whether consciously or subconsciously, determines the growth and development of the spirit man.

Just like the body grows and matures, the soul and the spirit also grow and mature – or remain stagnant.

This view of mankind works for me, and I find evidence of it in the biblical record of humanity.

These thoughts I expand on in my novel writing, which explores human nature.

Suffice it for this article, for me to just touch on this as a note to clarify the seven following points.

When we look around the world today, we see one startling fact: the biblical record defines the state of our world.

Here are the seven evidences for me to believe that the bible is the history book of Mankind’s existence on this earth, and thus embodies truth, the way I should live my life.

  1. Geopolitical realities today flow directly out of the bible, with the direct civilization clash between the Judaism way of life and the Islamic way of life. In the life and biography of Abraham, we see the genesis and development and outliving of this global 21st century reality.
  2. We live in the year 2016 Anno Domini, the Year of Lord. Today, we count time relative to the birth and death of the Lord Jesus Christ. Astonishingly, Science questions even if He existed, even as the scientist checks his time on his watch, ticking away the seconds to definite countdown of this Age of man on the earth. We divide human history in two, globally, in every single country in the world today – Before Christ – B C – and After His Death – A D. The time Jesus lived on the earth, from birth to death under the hand of the Roman Empire, for those 33 years, human history is without time: we don’t count those years in our calendars. So Time itself, the way we measure our move through this life, is wrapped up in the biography of the main character in the biblical historical record, Jesus.
  3. Watch a video or pictures of the devastation today in Alleppo, Syria, and you’ll see the identical description of Syria’s destruction in the biblical record, written two thousand years before the events actually happened, now, in our day and Age.
  4. The biblical futuristic prophetic Book of Revelation foretold of technology and its erosion of individual privacy, and how it would affect economic activity. We live in this day and Age now, including the reality of the rice-grain technology that would be implanted in the right hand or forehead of every human. That is well underway today.
  5. The men and women of the biblical record today are household names, globally, and people name their children after the disciples of Jesus, unlike the great secular men and women of history. Paul and Peter and John and David and James, not Socrates or Aristotle, dominate child-naming in the world.
  6. The biblical record transformed the world after the Roman Empire accepted it as truth.
  7. Johann Gutenburg invented the modern printing press in the 15th century to print bibles, the biblical record for the common man, and King James I of England made the biblical record common around the world, as the most published document in history, remaining so today, with billions of bibles printed every year, transforming billions of lives in every generation.

So, imagine that guy emerging from his cave domain, and wondering how to proceed to make his life the best way he could on this earth.

Where could he turn to know what’s truth, what’s the best way?

When we see the above seven facts, today all over the world so entrenched, we could point him to the biblical record, and safely say to him: here’s your textbook of life on earth in this 21st century.

With this mindset, we go out to build relationships with our community, and influence the transformation of our society.


copyright @2016 Qualped Corp., Ontario, Canada. CEO Shaun Michael Samaroo

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