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Page: Simsbook Process Flow

Qualped Life Corp. researched, invented and developed the simsbook book innovation technology. We enable the world to enjoy deep knowledge: for the wisdom of books to become popular, sexy, exciting, interesting and commonly consumed in this digital Age.

We built the Qualped Convergence Media Platform as a global stage for simsbook authors to publish, share and trade their Intellectual Property with the world.

We believe that Life is Story; and that our world today is the Mediated Global Village, full of freedom to connect globally through online media; and that the global Sharing Economy is fast emerging, with its Business Model of fanbase and power tribes, subscriptions, crowdfunding, royalties, and cooperative collaboration. We built this Convergence Media platform for you to get in on our Age, these exciting times.

Our process is simple, as follows:

  1. Register/Log In to the Writing Room
  2. Create Chapters and choose the type of simsbook you’re developing from the list of genres.
  3. Write or paste and edit your Manuscript in the Qualped Simsbook Writing Room
  4. Write 300 words every day, and in 300 days – one year – you’ll have a book Manuscript ready.
  5. After finishing Manuscript, our Editorial and Design team takes over, converting your manuscript into these Intellectual Property products, here
  6. Your brand new simsbook, and your range of Intellectual Property knowledge products become available to the world through our Qualped Simsbook subscription service (Qualped Corp.’s ‘netflix’ for books), here.
  7. Your range of knowledge products go up for global trading on our Qualped e-Store site, here.
  8. We also conduct a simsbook training course at the Qualped Simsbook Training College, here, if you want training to become a certified, licensed simsbook developer. Certification is through the Qualped Life Corp.
  9. You also benefit with easy access to the Qualped Life Corp’s Influencer Platform: our newspaper for simsbook authors, The People Today Chronicle, our news filter media operation, Qualped World Headlines¬†(where you would be able to promote your simsbook with news headline-style promo content); and attendance to our regular seminars and annual simsbook Conference.


Enjoy the Journey! Remember, developing your simsbook follows the process of Writing, which is therapeutic, life-defining and self-developmental; and through developing your range of IP knowledge products, which makes for a solid lifelong earning potential in the world’s emerging Sharing Economy of Membership Models, subscriptions, and crowdfunding; and through trading on an intelligent digital platform, like Qualped Life Corp.’s media operation.

Join us as a simsbook author today! The list of simsbooks authors grows as we build global simsbook networks and hubs around the world, as we grow our body of thought-leaders for the 21st century. Cheers to becoming one!


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