Your Story Engaging Society: Interactive Weekend Seminar

$125.00 $95.00

Qualped Corp hosts a mobile Seminar Series titled Your Story Engaging Society, along with an Annual conference with the same title.

Your Story Engaging Society makes for an exciting, inspiring, and life-transforming experience. At this Seminar, participants engage with our trainers, and with each other, in a way that gains them insights, revelations and epiphanies about how their story could make a difference in society, and to transform their own life.

Our upcoming Seminar is being held November 25 – 27, 2018 in Markham, Ontario, Canada. We’ll email you full details once we receive your Registration information. Let’s make our lives count in this 21st century Age of Knowledge, writing and designing your future!

PS: This Discounted Fee includes a VIP door ticket for you to participate in our 2017 Annual Conference, to be held in Ontario, Canada. This Conference will be full of transformation, inspiration and visionary resources.

Register today, and become part of us moving the Information Age into the Knowledge Age, with your Story playing a dynamic role in the global Knowledge reservoir of 21st century Mankind. Your Story matters!




Your Story Engaging Society is an intensive, interactive, in-class weekend Seminar that explores three pillars of your life experiences, knowledge, passion, talents, skills, hobbies and human capital and intellectual assets and personal smarts. These are:

  • Your Creative Message, which we garner out of your Story
  • Your Community Media, encompassing your social media platform and general community
  • Your Cooperative Money potential, which flows from the potential of you generating royalties, earnings and worth with your intellectual Property (IP)



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