Qualped Simsbook Development Coaching & Training Program

$1,750.00 $985.00

This Qualped Simsbook Development Training Program walks you through ten months of developing your story, life skills, experiences, talents into a range of Multimedia Intellectual property Products – a knowledge ecosystem of your life’s journey.


Sign up for this signature one-year Virtual multimedia coaching and training Program.

The Program runs for 10 months, with payment possible monthly, quarterly, or annually (pre-paid). Email Shaun Michael Samaroo to arrange payment options, or click on link to pay in full.

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  1. Shaun Michael Samaroo

    The world’s first, most signature program to train anybody to convert the raw material that’s his or her life story, experience, talent, skill sets, into an ecosystem of multimedia Intellectual property products.

    This is a brilliant Program, and every person who completes it will become a global transformation leader, impacting local, national and international communities with original possibility.

    I encourage everybody to take this Program. It’s exciting, fun, inspiring, and totally empowering.

    Enrollment closes on January 14, 2018, and space is limited to only 10 students. These students would be chosen to be trained to become elite world class leaders and solution-generators for society.

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