Your Story In Society


Qualped Corp hosts a mobile Seminar Series titled Your Story Engaging Society, along with an Annual conference with the same title. Our next Seminar Weekend is November 25 – 27, 2016. Go here and you’ll find details of this 2016 Seminar.

Your Story Engaging Society makes for an exciting, inspiring, and life-transforming experience. At this Seminar, participants engage with our Trainers, and with each other, in a way that gains them insights, revelations and epiphanies about how their story could make a difference in society, and to transform their own life.

On this Page we`ll be publishing details about our seminars, including dates, locations, and signup process.

Looking forward to see you there!

Here let me whisper you a lil secret from the Creator of life: everything in life is hidden in your story – therapy, revelation, past, present, future, dreams, hurts, pains – everything, desires, passion. It’s all there weaved into your story, just like the secret of God, the Holy Spirit is all hidden inside God’s story, and you gotta get to know the biblical story of the Creator to know His secrets.

Our Age is prophesied of in the biblical record – the Knowledge Age – the book of Genesis, and the Book of Revelation. Whatever spiritual identity you follow, the biblical record is applicable.

This prophecy is for the individual person, who in our Age knows the full meaning of personal empowerment, through democracy, media and personal story and cooperative money.

In the biblical record, we’re called to teach the nations how to live this life for peace, love and joy. This means living out a global service, within your sphere of influence, your society, which is fluid and expands and contracts according to the purpose of your story, those experiences, skills, abilities, knowledge and talents and  that make up your message to humanity.

Also, what has the Creator revealed to you, as insight, revelation, epiphany, aha moments? You can know what you’re created for, your purpose, through analyzing your story, you, by seeing the Creator’s message to you revealed in your story, before you even believed you’re important and valuable and a message to the world, the creation. The Creator knew you before you were in the womb, and ordained your life, though you’ve got full freedom to choose. If you choose to live for your life purpose in your heart, then your Creator chooses you for a particular service, work, and then grants you revelation of your unique message, which is hidden in your story.

Within community is your resources, including financial – cooperative money as we see in Kickstarter and GoFundMe.

Just like the biblical parable of the laborer who took his one talent and hid it and refused to invest it, to cultivate and plant it into fertile ground, this Age and generation does not invest in and plant their story, their human capital, their intellectual asset, with the goal of reaping a fruitful life.

Testimony, life experience, is Intellectual Property (IP). The mediated global village of Marshall McLuhan is today’s social media platform, on which you can play for free, branding your smarts, literally creating You, Inc..

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The biblical form of Economy is community-based, communal and cooperative, as we see with pooling of tenth of income in the church movement. This same principle operates in today’s Knowledge Age, where you’re empowered to share your story in society, to influence a transformation of the ideas that impact people hearts and minds, and get in return royalty, subscriptions, membership fees, seminar and conference fee, and cooperative money.

This Age is prophecy coming to pass, and the Creator is initiating a new movement in the global church, where what we saw with big Ministry pastors, like T D Jakes, Peter Youngren, Benny Hinn, John Hagee and so on in the US, is available to every single human being. Those guys got on to the secret early, and worked the principles. Now, we see they’re not special. We’re all as empowered as those people.

For those of us who apply this new way of life, the Knowledge Age is a prophesied time of glorious grace, power and anointing, for apostle leadership, evangelistic reach, pastoral care, teaching and training and prophetic insights, and for personal empowerment as never before in Mankind’s history.

This Age is the opening up of power and global reach, of you, the ordinary “labourer”.

copyright @2016 Qualped Corp., CEO Shaun Michael Samaroo, Ontario, Canada